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Last updated: 18.07.2018

Policy Introduction

Information about how you use this website is collected automatically using “cookies”. Our Privacy Policy explains our principles when it comes to the collection, processing, and storage of personal data. This policy specifically explains how we, our partners, and users of our site and services deploy cookies, as well as the options you have to control cookies from this site.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on your device when you visit, typically containing information about the website itself, a unique identifier that allows the site to recognize your web browser when you return, additional data that serves the purpose of the cookie, and the lifespan of the cookie itself.

Types of Cookies

This site uses both session ID cookies and persistent cookies as part of its interaction with your browser.

We use session ID cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our web sites. We use persistent cookies to identify and track which sections of its web site you most often visit. We also use persistent cookies in areas of its web site where you must register, and where you are able to customize the information you see, so that you don’t have to enter your preferences more than once.

Cookies We Use

Strictly Necessary Cookies:

These are the cookies that are crucial to your experience of a website, enabling core features like user logins, account management, shopping carts and payment processing. Our site uses strictly necessary cookies to enable certain functions on our website.

Functionality Cookies:

These cookies are used to store preferences set by users (like language and timezone settings). With this information, this site can provide you with customized, enhanced or optimized content and services.

Performance Cookies:

Performance cookies are used in the tracking of how you use a website during your visit, without collecting personal data about you. This information is anonymous and aggregated with information tracked across all site users, to help this site understand visitor usage patterns, identify and diagnose problems or errors their users may encounter, and make better strategic decisions in improving their audience’s overall website experience.

  • Google Analytics: This site uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage data. For more information about Google Analytics, please visit

Targeting, Advertising, and Third Party Cookies:

Some third party platforms connected to this site may use cookies (advertising, social media, and embedded content). We have no access to or control over these cookies. Accordingly, this Policy covers the use of cookies by this site only and does not cover the use of cookies by any third parties, or embedded content.

  • Advertising: This site may use advertising from external third party sources. Examples of third party advertisements are: Google ads, Amazon ads, etc.
  • Social Media: This site may be connected to social media platforms. This can enable functionality on this site such as: sharing buttons, avatars, or other content. Examples of connected social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc.
  • Embedded Content: This site may have embedded content such as video, audio, files, etc. Examples of embedded content sources are: YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, etc.

Visitors may wish to restrict the use of cookies, or completely prevent them from being set. Most browsers provide for ways to control cookie behavior such as the length of time they are stored, either through built-in functionality or by utilizing third party plugins. It’s important to note that restricting or disabling the use of cookies can limit the functionality of sites, or prevent them from working correctly at all.

To view / modify your cookie settings click this link: Cookie Settings
To view / modify all your privacy settings for this site please visit the Privacy Settings page.

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